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Walks of Life, Lucie and Luke Meier

Seasonal Harvest

Olivia Laing
Seasonal Harvest
The Plant

Matthieu Lavanchy

Sarah de Mavaleix

Art Direction
Clarisse Demory

Story from Issue 16
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The leaves of the bay tree can be harvested and dried any time, but their aroma is strongest before blooming. Bag by Building Block.

A symbol of abundance, the fruit of the date palm takes on a warm brown colour when dried, here matching a mohair and merino wool sweater by Cristaseya. Bag by Lemaire. 

The Hungarian Blue squash takes its name from its delicate turquoise-grey skin. It stores well throughout winter in a cool, dry place.

The Egyptians were the first people recorded to decorate with cut flowers. Here, a mix of wildflower brnaches are carried in a Jil Sander bag.

Dangling from a Lanyard necklace by Hermès, purple grapes have been cultivated for winemaking and eating since Roman times.

Native to South India, the vetiver root acts as a natural antioxidant and alkaliser when steeped in drinking water for several hours. Bag by Loewe.

The season's bounty: purple cauliflower, leafy cabbage, market-fresh lettuce and husk-wrapped corn shot in a Teko bag from Shopu.

Apart from spaghetti squash, all winter squash can be eaten with their skin on. Butternut–here in a vintage Calvin Klein bag–has particularly soft skin.

Less is more. In Japanese Ikebana, a single flower is enough to create an arrangement. Captured here in a bag from an Indian bazaar – suit by Lemaire.

Commonly found along roadsides, walnuts are ready for harvesting when they fall on the ground naturally. Bag by Hermès.

Corn was considered as sacred by indigenous populations in Mexico. Still today it is placed on Day of the Dead altars as an offering. Bag by Martiniano. 

Cauliflowers exist in a range of colours, but the white variety – shown here in a bag by Inès Bressand – is more common than green, orange or purple ones. 

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